1000-fps consecutive ultrafast 2D-burst imaging with a sub-nanosecond temporal resolution by a frequency-time encoding of SF-STAMP.


Suzuki, Takakazu; Nemoto, Hirofumi; Takasawa, Kazuki & Kannari, Fumihiko


“We demonstrated real-time, in-situ operation of a single-shot, frequency-time-encoding burst imaging method of sequentially timed all-optical mapping photography utilizing spectral filtering (SF-STAMP) by employing a high-speed camera with the frame rate of a 1000 fps as a detector. We obtained single-shot burst images of a pulse-by-pulse femtosecond laser ablation of a glass by a chirped probe laser pulse with a 1–2-ps frame interval or by a spectrally sweeping burst laser pulse train with a 300-ps interval. We observed burst images of plasma generation during the early stage of laser ablation in a glass with a short frame interval by a chirped probe laser pulse. We also captured burst images of plume and shock-wave generation in air with a 1.5-ns observation time window by a spectrally sweeping probe laser pulse train.”

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Publication: Applied Physics A: Materials Science & Processing
Issue/Year: Applied Physics A: Materials Science & Processing, Volume 126; Number 2; 2020
DOI: 10.1007/s00339-020-3314-1
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