Encoding of arbitrary micrometric complex illumination patterns with reduced speckle


Miguel Carbonell-Leal, Gladys Mínguez-Vega, Jesús Lancis, and Omel Mendoza-Yero


“In nonlinear microscopy, phase-only spatial light modulators (SLMs) allow achieving simultaneous two-photon excitation and fluorescence emission from specific region-of-interests (ROIs). However, as iterative Fourier transform algorithms (IFTAs) can only approximate the illumination of selected ROIs, both image formation and/or signal acquisition can be largely affected by the spatial irregularities of the illumination patterns and the speckle noise. To overcome these limitations, we propose an alternative complex illumination method (CIM) able to generate simultaneous excitation of large-area ROIs with full control over the amplitude and phase of light and reduced speckle. As a proof-of-concept we experimentally demonstrate single-photon and second harmonic generation (SHG) with structured illumination over large-area ROIs.”

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Publication: Optics Express
Issue/Year: Vol. 27, Issue 14, pp. 19788-19801 (2019)
DOI: 10.1364/OE.27.019788