Laser surface structuring of diamond with ultrashort Bessel beams


Sanjeev Kumar, Shane M. Eaton, Monica Bollani, Belén Sotillo, Andrea Chiappini, Maurizio Ferrari, Roberta Ramponi, Paolo Di Trapani, Ottavia Jedrkiewicz


“We investigate the effect of ultrafast laser surface machining on a monocrystalline synthetic diamond sample by means of pulsed Bessel beams. We discuss the differences of the trench-like microstructures generated in various experimental conditions, by varying the beam cone angle, the energy and pulse duration, and we present a brief comparison of the results with those obtained with the same technique on a sapphire sample. In diamond, we obtain V-shaped trenches whose surface width varies with the cone angle, and which are featured by micrometer sized channels having depths in the range of 10–20 μm. By laser writing crossed trenches we are also able to create and tailor on the diamond surface pillar-like or tip-like microstructures potentially interesting for large surface functionalization, cells capturing and biosensing.”

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Publication: Scientific Reports
Issue/Year: Scientific Reports 8, Article number: 14021 (2018)
DOI: 10.1038/s41598-018-32415-0