Adaptive wavefront interferometry for unknown free-form surfaces


Shuai Xue, Shanyong Chen, Zhanbin Fan and Dede Zhai


“The primary problem of conventional wavefront interferometers is limited dynamic range. Unknown free-form surface figure error with large amplitude or slope is not measurable for too dense or invisible fringes. To troubleshoot this problem, we propose adaptive wavefront interferometry (AWI). AWI utilizes a wavefront sensor-less adaptive optics (AO) subsystem to intelligently speculate and compensate the unknown free-form surface figure error. In this subsystem, adaptive null optics is utilized to iteratively generate adaptive wavefronts to compensate the unknown severe surface figure error. The adaptive null optics is close-loop controlled (i.e., wavefront sensor-less optimization algorithms are utilized to control it by real time monitoring the compensation effects to guarantee convergence of the iteration). Ultimately, invisible fringes turn into resolvable ones, and null test is further realized. To demonstrate the feasibility of AWI, we designed one spatial light modulator (SLM) based AWI modality as an example. The system is based on a commercial interferometer and is easy to establish. No other elements are required besides the SLM. Principle, simulation, and experiments for the SLM based AWI are demonstrated. ”

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Publication: Optics Express
Issue/Year: Vol. 26, Issue 17, pp. 21910-21928 (2018)
DOI: 10.1364/OE.26.021910