Free-space optical communication link using perfect vortex beams carrying orbital angular momentum ({OAM})


Fuquan Zhu and Sujuan Huang and Wei Shao and Jie Zhang and Musheng Chen and Weibing Zhang and Junzhang Zeng


“We experimentally demonstrate a free-space optical communication link using perfect vortex beams. Perfect vortex beams with different topological charges are generated using a phase-modulation-type spatial light modulator (SLM) loaded with novel phase holograms based on the Bessel function. With the help of a microscope objective and simple lens, perfect vortex beams are transmitted effectively for a certain distance. After completing the demodulation of perfect vortex beams carrying OFDM 16-QAM signals and a series of offline processing on the Gaussian bright spot demodulated from the perfect vortex beams, we also achieve a communication link. The constellations and mean bit error rates (BER) of subcarriers are shown.”

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Publication: Optics Communications
Issue/Year: Optics Communications Volume 396, Pages 50-57
DOI: 10.1016/j.optcom.2017.03.023