Generation of Optical Vortices by Linear Phase Ramps

Author(s): Sunil Vyas


“Generation of optical vortices using linear phase ramps is experimentally demonstrated. When two regions of a wavefront have opposite phase gradients then along the line of phase discontinuity vortices can be generated. It is shown that vortices can evolve during propagation even with the unequal magnitude of tilt in the two regions of the wavefront. The number of vortices and their location depend upon the magnitude of tilt. vortex generation is experimentally realized by encoding phase mask on spatial light modulator and their presence is detected interferometrically. Numerical simulation has been performed to calculate the diffracted intensity distribution from the phase mask, and presence of vortices in the diffracted field is detected by computational techniques.”

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Publication: International Journal of Optics
Issue/Year: International Journal of Optics, Volume 2012, Article ID 794259, 6 pages, (2012)
DOI: 10.1155/2012/794259