Implementation of phase-shift patterns using a holographic projection system with phase-only diffractive optical elements

Author(s): Wei-Feng Hsu, Yu-Wen Chen, and Yuan-Hong Su


“We proposed a method to implement spatial phase-shift patterns with subdiffraction limited features through a holographic projection system. The input device of the system displayed phase-only diffractive optical elements that were calculated using the iterative Fourier-transform algorithm with the dummy-area method. By carefully designing the target patterns to the algorithm, the diffractive optical elements generated the Fourier-transformed images containing the phase-shift patterns in which the widths of dark lines were smaller than the diffraction limit. With these demonstrations, we have successfully shown that the near-field phase-shift lithographic technique can be realized through an inexpensive maskless lithographic system and can still achieve subdiffraction limited images.”

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Publication: Applied Optics
Issue/Year: Applied Optics, Vol. 50, Issue 20, pp. 3646-3652 (2011)
DOI: 10.1364/AO.50.003646