Generation of a high depth of focus with constant transversal spot size using a phase-only pupil filter

Author(s): D. Iwaniuk, E. Hack, P. Rastogi.


“A novel approach is proposed to obtain an extended depth of focus (DoF) in white light with constant transversal spot size within the DoF. It combines a phase-only pupil filter based on multiplexed radial zones with alternating quartic phase functions. The design is first tested via numerical simulations of the point spread function (PSF) based on the scalar diffraction theory. The results for a fourfold gain of the depth of focus are experimentally verified with a phase-only spatial light modulator liquid crystal device combined with a 3D PSF measurement system. A close conformity between the experimental and simulation results proves the effectiveness of the proposed approach.”

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Publication: Journal of Modern Optics
Issue/Year: Journal of Modern Optics, Volume 57, Issue 21, (2010)
DOI: 10.1080/09500340.2010.529516