GAEA 10 Megapixel Phase Only Spatial Light Modulator (Reflective)

GAEA Spatial Light Modulator – Microdisplay Features
Display Type: Reflective LCOS (Phase Only)
Resolution: 4094 x 2464 Pixel
Pixel Pitch: 3.74 µm
Fill Factor: 90 %
Active Area 15.32 x 9.22 mm (0.7″ Diagonal)
Addressing 8 Bit (256 Grey Levels)
Signal Formats HDMI – 4 K Resolution
Max. Spatial Resolution 133.5 lp/mm
Input Frame Rate 24 Hz (4094 x 2464 Pixel)
30 Hz (3840 x 2160 Pixel)

The GAEA phase only Spatial Light Modulator (SLM) consists of a driver unit with standard digital video interface (HDMI) and a phase only LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) microdisplay with 10 megapixel (4K) resolution (4094 x 2464 pixel) and 3.74 µm pixel pitch leading to an active area diagonal of 0.7”.

The GAEA SLM is a plug & play phase modulator device and can be addressed with phase functions via standard graphics cards as extended monitor device. 8 bit gray level patterns (= 8 bit phase levels) can be addressed. The used graphics card must be able to provide an uncompressed output of at least 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution. Addressing can easily be done using the supplied Pattern Generator software or the SLM Slideshow Player software or standard image viewer software.

The very small pixel size of the GAEA SLM display enables high diffraction angles

Wavelength Period Angle Period Angle Period Angle
1550 nm 2 Pixel 11.96° 4 Pixel 5.95° 8 Pixel 2.97°
633 nm 2 Pixel 4.85° 4 Pixel 2.43° 8 Pixel 1.21°
532 nm 2 Pixel 4.08° 4 Pixel 2.04° 8 Pixel 1.02°
450 nm 2 Pixel 3.45° 4 Pixel 1.72° 8 Pixel 0.86°
Special Optical Features:
- Reflective LCOS Microdisplay (Phase Only) - 4 K Resolution 4094 x 2464 (10 Megapixel)
- 2 π Phase Shift up to 1550 nm - 3.74 µm Pixel Pitch (enables high diffraction angles)

GAEA 10 Megapixel Phase Modulator Versions

HOLOEYE offers different versions of the GAEA phase only spatial light modulator. The different panel versions are optimized for the use at different wavelength ranges. Currently we offer a VIS version (420 – 650 nm) and a version for the telecomminication waveband around 1550 nm. A version for the NIR wavelength (650 – 1100 nm) will be released by second half of 2016.

GAEA 4K Phase Only Spatial Light Modulator Versions

Device Wavelength Range Fill Factor
GAEA-VIS-036 420 – 650 nm 90 %
GAEA-TELCO-033 1400 – 1700 nm 90 %


Wavelength Maximum Phase Shift Average Reflectivity
452 nm 4.8π 62 %
532 nm 3.0π 62 %
650 nm 2.3π 62 %
Part no. HES-7010-VIS-036-A
Wavelength Range: 420 – 650 nm
Fill Factor: 90 %
Average Reflectivity: 62 %

The GAEA-VIS-036 version can be used between 420nm and 650nm. The display is equipped with an AR coating that gives a front reflection less than 0.5% in this range. The LC cell enables at least 2π phase retardation up to 650nm.


Wavelength Maximum Phase Shift Average Reflectivity
1550 nm 2.4π 72 %
Part no. HES-7010-TELCO-033-A
Wavelength Range: 1400 – 1700 nm
Fill Factor: 90 %
Average Reflectivity: 72 %

The GAEA-TELCO-033 version features an AR coating which assures a front reflection of less than 0.5% between 1400 and 1700nm. The display enables 2π phase retardation up to about 1550nm.

GAEA 4K Spatial Light Modulator Kit – Contents:

GAEA 4K phase only SLM deliverables

GAEA Spatial Light Modulator – Scope of Supply
GAEA Phase SLM Driver Box
4K Phase Only Display incl. Flex Cable (4094 x 2464 Pixel)
Power Supply (12V DC)
Magnetic Display Mount
Operating Instruction / Manual
USB Flash Drive with driver and SLM application software

GAEA Phase Modulator – Software Features:

PLUTO SLM Calibration SoftwareThe GAEA 4K phase only modulator devices can simply be addressed like an external monitor using the standard HDMI interface of the graphics card. No additional software or dedicated hardware is needed to operate the SLM.

The device is delivered with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) based Configuration Manger software. The Configuration Manager can be used to change geometrical settings, brightness, contrast and the electrooptical response by applying a new gamma curve or another digital drive scheme. An USB interface is used for these advanced callibrations.

In addition a HOLOEYE SLM Pattern Generator software is provided with the SLM. Key features of which are:

  • Computation of computer generated holograms (CGH) from user defined images
  • generation of SLM signals representing basic optical functions such as lenses, gratings, axicon and vortex functions
  • superposition of CGH’s with basic optical functions to combine functionalities

Besides that, for LabView users a Labview SubVi for addressing of optical functions is included.

GAEA Software Features
SLM Configuration Manager Icon SLM Configuration Manager Brightness / Contrast / Geometry / Gamma Control
SLM Pattern Generator Icon SLM Pattern Generator Basic DOE computations; Generation of optical functions (Circular Aperture, Fresnel Zone Lens, Axicon, Single and Double Slit …); Gratings (incl. Blazed and Sinusoidal), superposition of functions (e.g. prisms, Zernike polynomials…)
SLM Slideshow Player Icon SLM Slideshow Player Plays slideshow of user defined precalculated functions or images

GAEA 4K SLM Driver Dimensions (Unit: mm):

GAEA 4K Spatial Light Modulator proportions

GAEA 4K SLM Display Dimensions (Unit: mm):

4K Phase Modulator Display Dimensions

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